Hints and Tips for Employers

Get the most out of your job post.

Make your vacancy sound appealing

What are the features of the job?
Why should anyone want to do this job?
Why would anyone want to work here?

Talk about the benefits and remember that a good location or a free car park are also benefits.
If you have social events or celebrate birthdays then they’re always worth shouting about.
Do you offer great training or fast track career progression?  If you do then mention it in the job post.

Promote Equal Opportunity
Ensure inclusivity in your job postings. It is unlawful to specify the age of prospective candidates, so refrain from using terms like 'young' or 'mature.' Likewise, avoid gender-specific terms such as 'lad,' 'lass,' or 'girl,' as well as subjective descriptors like ‘bubbly.'

When you post a job vacancy on this platform, our team will review the content of your advertisement prior to it being published. If necessary, we will make adjustments to guarantee that your vacancy is phrased appropriately and free from any form of discrimination.

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